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Welcome to the Mastering Hard Surface home page! If you are looking to buy the course please head to our …

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Welcome to the Mastering Hard Surface home page!
If you are looking to buy the course please head to our shop and you will find more info on the Mastering Hard Surface product page HERE

I want Mastering Hard Surface to go down in history as THE modeling course to end all modeling courses. It’s as simple as that. I strongly believe this is my purpose in life and has been my passion for over 10 years. I began modeling at an early age and poured my heart into the beautiful world of hard surface. Never before in my life have I worked so hard for so long to achieve a goal.
Now that I have moved on towards different goals the time is right to finally build the ultimate course and turn you into a modeling machine from the ground up in the fastest possible way.



Lesson 6 and 7 will be available free

Course Reviews

  1. Profile photo of mike_renouf mike_renouf says:

    Looking good so far!
    After I saw the Mastering Hard Surface course appear online I subscribed as soon as I could. The free Hard Surface Essentials video has been the one modelling tutorial I went back to time and time again in recent years, as starts from first principles, hints at a comprehensive workflow, and doesn’t tie itself to any quick-fixes for a specific model.
    It’s great that Grant has now decided to offer a more thorough explanation of his workflow.
    I’m already enrolled on the Mastering V-ray course and it’s definitely worth the price tag – both courses cover information that I’ve never seen elsewhere on the web, and they’re put together extremely professionally. I’ve just watched part three and I’m having a hard time staying away from the PC because it’s got me inspired to model more.
    The only downside is that I can see myself being unable to resist “Mastering Lighting” when that’s finally released!

  2. Profile photo of bstrnad bstrnad says:

    True story 😛
    I worked in this industry for 8 years now as modeler. I thought I knew almost everything. And then I saw those courses. I learned a lot of new tricks + I became faster in modelling. I must say that mr.Grant is the best teacher ever!

  3. One of the best HS courses,
    I’m a Mastering HS subscriber, and before starting this course i thought that i know some skills as a HS modeler.
    But even after watching just the two first lesson which are just a quick introduction and warm up, I learned a lot of new information, tips and tricks.
    It’s always a great thing to learn from someone who have huge experience like Grant.
    Can’t wait for the next lessons.

  4. Profile photo of Gustavo Ribeiro Gustavo Ribeiro says:

    Best Hard Surface Course Ever
    Grant is a master of hard surface modeling and this is the ultimate course of HS.

    The classes are perfect for people at all levels.
    The classes are not too long or too short, they have the exact amount of time to pass the content of the lesson. You do not have to spend five hours watching a video like other tutorials.

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