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Welcome to the Mastering V-Ray course home page! If you are looking to subscribe to the course please head to …

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Welcome to the Mastering V-Ray course home page!
If you are looking to subscribe to the course please head to our shop and you will find more info on the Mastering V-Ray product page HERE

Firstly I want to say thanks to everybody for helping me get to this point. I hope you love the new website and features and I’m really looking forward to seeing what else is capable now that a huge amount of my time will be freed up!
Over the next few weeks I will be re-organising this page to include FAQ’s, Student Showcases and an inbuilt commenting system.

If you are a subscriber you will also have access to the private forums and lessons which are accesible through the course menu on the left.
The lessons are available in the “Curriculum” tab





Lessons 1 and 4 are available free

An update is available for lesson 01!

Course Reviews

  1. One of the bests Vray courses to date!
    Regardless the price being affordable by anyone, the course itself take it’s place among the bests Vray courses to date, the course is densely packed with pro content, well explained, easy to follow/understand. This is the type of course that really make you think twice before saying that knows well Vray. Mastering Vray is highly recommended!

  2. Ayub says:

    Awesome Tutorials
    Awesome Tutorials ,but Only one question does it comes with details of (texturing) UV mapping and Maps (i.e normal etc) and all . If it doesn’t please do so in your new tutorial Awaiting for your reply .thank you

  3. Profile photo of arsenaltowin arsenaltowin says:

    The dude is a genius!
    Without a doubt, this is THE premier learning course for all would-be CG artists out there. Whether beginner or advanced, Mastering Vray has something for everybody. After working with Grant for the last year and a half, I thought I knew all his secrets, this course proved to me just how deep his knowledge of CG is, time after time blowing me away with tips and tricks, essential to producing an award winning final image.

  4. Great and very original approach to VRay
    I saw the first lesson as a promotional video link on ViscorbelĀ“s page and I was hooked: Grant not only approaches VRay in a scientific kind of way, but also explains how to figure it out yourself, so you can get not only the best render quality in less time, but also control over every aspect of VRay, in a way that will make you much more valuable as a CG artist.

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