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Mastering V-Ray Lesson 11 Pt1 & 2 Out Now!

Lesson 11 Parts 1 and 2 are here!
Part 1 covers how to approach creating realistic procedural concrete and finishes by touching on some texture based material workflows.
Part 2 further breaks down how to approach interior optimization using a new method I developed while working on the lesson itself.
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3 Responses on Mastering V-Ray Lesson 11 Pt1 & 2 Out Now!"

  1. Profile photo of adamaf adamaf says:

    Having problems downloading course files.

    • m1 says:

      -use a download manager like idm.
      -if the download stops re-download the file from the browser then copy the download URL to the existing download in the download manager .it will resume —cancel the download in the browser

      repeat this process until the download completes.

  2. Profile photo of inspiro inspiro says:

    Hi Guys, how can I watch this lesson? I can’t see any button or link to follow…

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