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Cooper Shader – Mastering CGI by Grant Warwick

Daniel Reuterswärd sent me his Copper shader last night and holy crap it looks good!

Congrats Daniel, it’s amazing to see some of these results from the course!

keep practicing guys!



8 Responses on Cooper Shader - Mastering CGI by Grant Warwick"

  1. Profile photo of kiki kiki says:

    That does look good! Great work Daniel!

  2. Profile photo of vandenbroucke vandenbroucke says:

    Damn.. this shaders is rlly good 😐

  3. Profile photo of mahmoud mahmoud says:

    hello mr warwick…
    I’m really likes your tutorials and I try to see all of your tutorials…
    all of them are relly fantastic…

    my major is architect enginnering……..could you make some tutorials about materials in architecture… brick… concrete …ect.

  4. Profile photo of Colin Colin says:


  5. That’s ridiculous. I mean, it’s never really a good idea to give up, but seeing this almost makes me give up because it’s pointless to try to aspire to this level for me. That’s not a material, that’s simply really there, period. It’s in my living room. I pray to someday be at that level. Man that’s good.

  6. Profile photo of 卡罗 卡罗 says:

    his shaders is rlly good 😐

  7. Exaco says:

    Someone actually manufactured Grant Warwick’s shader ball in real life. No way this is a render.

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