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Mastering V-Ray Finished!

I’m extremely proud to say that Mastering V-Ray has successfully finished!
22 hours of content later and I couldn’t be happier with the results.
Thanks to everybody who made this course possible!
EVERY SUBSCRIBER!!!, Chaos Group, My Brother- Kieran, Martin Ezequiel, Danil Hike, Conor Harl, Jorgen Herland, Austris Cingulis, Ronen Bekerman, Evermotion, Cream Studios, Vizpark, Peter Guthrie, Bertrand Benoit, Akin Bilgic, Vlado Koylazov (I love you :D), John O’connell, Daniel Reutersward, Dave Wortley, Alexander Yolov, Milton Menezes, Rafael Grassetti, Rafael Vallaperde, Matheus Sampaio, Glauco Longhi, Marzena Mitros, 3Dtotal, Joseph Harford, My Boxing Coach- Dale Kalnins, Pedro Conti, Fabio Plv, Gustavo Ribeiro, Stefan Laub, Matheus Passos, Oleg Budeanu, HDR-sets, Chris Jackson


2 Responses on Mastering V-Ray Finished!"

  1. Haris Karajic says:

    Hello Grant, I would like to buy the mastering vray course, I emailed you but no reply back so I’m hoping this can reach you. Thanks and best.

  2. Profile photo of Deo omar Deo omar says:

    Grant warwick is the best teacher ever, i improved a lot in my modeling techniques amazing teacher, God bless

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