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Personal Life

Born in the USA, I moved to Australia early in life. I grew up in Sydney, Australia where I currently live, and taught myself CGI during my teens. I worked at Cream and Electric Art (as well as doing freelance work) before I left my career to focus on building Mastering CGI.

Being a self taught artist, I have my own unique view of the entire creative process. I have pushed my mind to the limits for the last 15 years trying to find out what works and how to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Now my passion is teaching my students how to work like I do. I want to extend a personal thank you to each and every customer or student who has helped make my dream of teaching a reality. Moving forward I plan to travel, giving live classes and presentations. My journey will be one of many stops. Hopefully we can catch up and enjoy a drink together soon!



Mastering CGI

Mastering CGI was started to bring the CGI world the best set of training courses ever constructed. For too long professional artists had been struggling to find quality tutorials on software such as V-Ray and 3DsMax. My debut course 'Mastering V-Ray' was launched in December of 2013. Within the first month the course had reached 300 subscribers and now has over 3000 active students.

Following on from the success of Mastering V-Ray, I launched 'Mastering Hard Surface' and ‘Mastering Lighting’, which have been met with similar success. All my courses have subscribers from around the world including a number of high profile studios including ILM, Weta, and Sony.

I believe the popularity of Mastering CGI stems from my deep understanding of CGI and unique teaching style. I know all the tips and secrets of the CGI industry and I’m not afraid to reveal them.

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