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A 200 hour masterpiece of pure will power, Gran Turismo, in my opinion, is the greatest car model ever made. I have never seen such well controlled topology and smoothing before. Kantemirs skills and patience are on a level that is borderline Matrix

About the author

Kantemir is your typical Russian (One of the best modelers in the world) and has called the Federation home since he was born, 27 years ago.
He is currently enjoying his rise to fame in Nalchik City, where he loves the beautiful mountain surroundings and wrestling wildlife


Kantemir Bitokov

Lead Modeler, Mastering CGI


As you all know by now, Dmitriy’s Hypercar tutorial is being designed as the best automotive tutorial series ever. well, we needed a car to live up to the hype! We scanned through hundreds of potentials but only one stood out in the end, the glorious Bugatti Veyron Gran Turismo – a custom, one of a kind Hypercar, although we realised pretty quickly that this was like no other super car we had seen. We joked about it being impossible to create and yet, knowing there was a chance Kantemir may finish the project a broken, rambling mad man, we put him to the test… He returned 6 weeks later with 99% of the details modeled perfectly, so how did he do it?
His workflow consists of a combination of Autodesk Image Modeler, Splines, Nurbs and Sub D, a process entirely seperate from what I teach in the Mastering Hard Surface course. There is absolutely tons to learn in the recordings here and although it was impossible to voice over, I personally enjoyed watching many hours.


Modeling the Gran Turismo wasn’t enough, I wanted to make sure Kantemir recorded the entire process too. It was too special a car to lose the opportunity. I felt guilty at times knowing very well myself the extra concentration this was going to take, however I greatly underestimated Kantemir. Day by day he sent the hours of recordings to me, clean, no breaks, no crashes, it was unbelievable. I still can’t believe he pulled it off.
He questioned if the interior was necessary…I told him it wasn’t. 3 days later, he sent it to me. He’d come too far to stop. Instant respect.
Many people have asked me about Kantemir since revealing the model so as part of the package you’ll have an exclusive interview with the Master himself. Find out how he started, where his motivation comes from and most importantly, his workflows and secrets which pushed him past the finish line.

  • 180+ Hours of the process recorded in HD
  • Ultra High Resolution car model of the Bugatti Veyron Gran Turismo
  • 1 Hour Interview with Kantemir, discussing workflows, shortcuts, techniques and professional advice on staying motivated!


2017/10/28 17:40:29


Customers can contact Kantemir for support and questioning at [email protected]
He is incredibly excited to see the feedback and personal support you send his way. Here at Mastering CGI it is our goal to bring you the worlds best content, on every level. By purchasing this product, you are personally funding future projects like this. (I hear he wants to do a mech next, cya Bulgarov :P)


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