Mastering CGI

Mastering CGI Shader Ball

Mastering CGI Shader Ball

Before creating the Mastering V-Ray course, I spent a long time refining a complete range of shaders. In order to make that process easy, I had to re-invent a shaderball to encompass all the features neccesary to understand not only how a shader looks but how it works.
I’m more than happy to share this with the community with the sole condition you don’t change the attached textures. Thank you!


    1. Dome lit with optional V-Ray light for increased specular highlights
    2. Constructed in CAD for perfect bevels
    3. Author Details included
    4. Camera angle positioned to see short and far DOF Effect
    5. Camera angle positioned to half the reflect floor / environment
    6. Scale increased for visualising larger surfaces
    7. Floor detail to more easily determine shadow direction
    8. Subtle checker pattern / lines on floor to help eye distinguish depth
    9. RGB clor wheel for AA analysis / reflecting into shaderball
    10. Varying degrees of white for adjusting light intensity and color
      through the use of V-Rays color sampler
    11. “Manufactured” details important for believability!
    12. Cones added for visualising SSS depth
    13. Ability to see bump on flat surfaces

Optimised render settings specific to this scene

NOTE- Round shapes pick up highlights the best and should make up the majority of your shaderball however variation is always the key!




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