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ShaderBall Anatomy – Mastering CGI by Grant Warwick

Mastering CGI by Grant Warwick.

During the early days of my shader creation attempts when I decided to take things to the next level, I realised that I would need a consistent and reliable shader ball scene to test from…It didn’t exist, so I created my own.

At the time, I was using the scene and although it was a good start, it’s far from perfect and lacks many of the features I’ve now come to rely upon.

Until now, I haven’t broken down why the shader ball is built the way it is and with an ever growing library of these scenes popping up online (For Example, Siger Shaders have based their new shader ball on my scene and now also use my material creation method) I figured I’d offer insight into the anatomy of my shader ball.
Without most (or all) of these features you’re going to struggle to obtain realism!

This scene was built and refined over a couple of years and everything included is there for a reason, I’m extremely proud of it and hope those attempting to make their own can learn from this breakdown!

Note- One thing I forgot to include in this breakdown is that there are also bubbles on the inside of the surface


3 responses on "ShaderBall Anatomy - Mastering CGI by Grant Warwick"

  1. This is an excellent tool and the clear explanation of the logic behind its construction provides an excellent learning experience too. Thanks Grant!

  2. hello mr warwick…
    I’m really likes your tutorials and I try to see all of your tutorials…
    all of them are relly fantastic…

    my major is architect enginnering……..could you make some tutorials about materials in architecture… brick… concrete …ect.

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