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Mastering V-Ray Curriculum – Mastering CGI by Grant Warwick

Potential changes could be made but I’m pretty damn excited to see it all laid out at last.
Oh btw… did I mention Rafael Grassetti will be working with me on it in the future?
I’ll be aiming to deliver the best training material long into the future, don’t worry about that


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  1. Hi
    Hopefully this e-mail will wind its way to the man himself, so Hi Grant, your Mastering V Ray looks very very interesting but I would like to know a few things

    1. I have never ever worked in V Ray before, so would this be suitable for a complete V Ray newbie, I’ve only ever worked in Mental Ray, but have read very good things about this course that I want to learn VRay.

    2. Can I buy into it now and get all the courses.

    3. I am a 3DS Max user, can I buy into the Hard Surfacing Modeling Course as of now, and get everything everyone else has got that started the course from the beginning.

    Thank you


    • Hi Bert,
      Sorry for the late reply.!

      If you understand Mental Ray well, the transition will be much easier! With that being said there are some advanced things in this course that are going to take project experience to fully understand.
      I do teach from a theoretical point of view though and thats why so many people from different software apps have found it easy to learn from.
      When you join, you gain access to everything already released!



  2. I have zero doubt you can learn Vray from taking this course, Grant does a great job of explaining the methods and science behind the workflow. Strongly recommend starting here, if something like this was available when I started I would be leaps ahead of where I am now. Yes all files and videos are open download.

  3. User topic suggestion:

    Glass Materials – Architectural and Automotive Set ups would be great. Setting up refraction and reflections properly and efficiently like your other material courses.

    Architectural shaders sounds good, as does Trees, Grass and foliage.


    • There is no way to set up refractions efficiently haha. It’s one of V-Rays biggest downfalls!

      I’ll probably be focusing on grass and foliage in lesson 11 🙂

      Thanks for the suggestions.

  4. Hello Grant .. It’d be GREAT to make something about Animation setting in VRay in one of your lessons, as they all are about Stills.


  5. Hi Grant,

    I am using V-ray 2.0 for rhino 5, can i benefit from this course ? Are Menus / Options same.


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