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Lesson 9 Out Now! – Mastering V-Ray by Grant Warwick

Hey guys,
After spending over 2 weeks dedicated to lesson 8 part 2, I realised late into producing the lesson that the quality wasn’t up to my own standards and I would need more time to finish it.
For that reason I decided to produce lesson 9 instead and get back to part 2 of lesson 8 later.
Lesson 9 focuses on V-Rays Environment Fog system and shows you how to work with it to produce clouds

Mastering V-Ray by Grant Warwick.


1 responses on "Lesson 9 Out Now! - Mastering V-Ray by Grant Warwick"

  1. Thanks for doing such great quality control on your own work. These videos have been real eye-openers. My renders look much better now and finish in less than half the time thanks to your methods.

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