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56 premium LUTS including: 
8 Contrast LUTs
48 Look Dev LUTs



When working with linear render engines like V-Ray, Corona or FStorm, we get a high dynamic range image that accurately represents the physical properties of light in the real world, however this result does NOT simulate how the human eye or a camera perceives things. To imitate the behavior of a camera in an sRGB monitor using linear rendering tools, we need to resort to “tone-mapping”. Tone mapping images is relatively easy, however most render engines have very limited tools to achieve the effects we are after. This is where LUTs come in! Very similar to the way Instagram filters work, LUT’s allow you to standardize the Look of your work and guarantees consistent results in all your images, quickly and easily.

Adan Martin has designed this pack of 56 LUTs to help professionals and enthusiasts transform their flat renders into photorealistic scenes rich in detail, contrast and color, directly in the render engine or in your post-production application of choice. I’ve personally used Adan’s free pack over the last 2 years!


In order to use this Pack successfully, you need to combine some type of dynamic range compression such as “Reinhard Burn” in V-Ray or “Highlight Compression” in Corona Renderer with a contrast LUTs. I will be releasing a short video on this process very soon but for now, just drop back the highlight compression slider in the VFB until they are not blowing out above 1.
It is also possible to replicate the output in any post-production application such as After Effects, Nuke or Photoshop. But remember, if you apply the LUT directly on a linear render without compression, the results will not be correct. It is important to apply our LUT BEFORE starting to illuminate and render our image, since if we apply our LUT on a picture with little light the result will not be satisfactory and we will get an image too dark. Exposure, WB and contrast adjustments will be made with the LUT applied to the VFB.


Linear workflow behaves the same in any engine where real world values are not artistically adjusted
Some of the LUTs compress highlights to recover details in the highlights (Reinhard Burn)
In some cases you will want to increase contrast to achieve a more dramatic and photorealistic result





After Effects



Included in the pack are 8 Filmic Contrast luts designed to emulate photographic contrast at different intensities so you have control over the end result.
Adjusting the contrast helps us to see a more true to eye result directly in your render engine of choice while you configure materials and lighting.
These LUTs don’t adjust colors and their more subtle effect can be even more important than the other stylistic LUTs


If you want to emulate old film Cameras or produce purely stylistic results, these 48 hand adjusted LUTs are the perfect companion in your rendering pipeline. I have personally shown you guys how I make use of them in my lessons and I highly recommend them. Adan’s assets are always high quality, premium and thoroughly tested


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