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Complete HDRI Bundle

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Jorgen_On_Site_Beach3 years in the making, Jørgen Herland presents his ultimate Scandinavian passion project!
Insane detail and clarity has been captured across a spectrum of various indoor and outdoor lighting environments in order to bring you complete and total control over your visualizations look and feel!


  • 80, 10K HDRI’s
  • 360° Previews
  • Low Resolution Previews
  • Lighting and Reflection Previews


The Complete HDRI Bundle!


Captured by Jørgen Herland, our absolutely beautiful HDRi package consisting of 80 ultra high quality indoor and outdoor environments taken throughout Scandinavia is finally here! The attention to detail and locations are amazing. Our primary goal has been creating a dramatic and diverse  range of lighting scenario’s for the Archviz, Automotive and Print Industry.

Making the Right Choice


If you’re an experienced CGI Artist, you’ll know that having a large and diverse HDRi library is critical to capturing the mood and lighting the client requires. A lot of the time you’ll be stuck simply searching for the right image to use so we have created various previews for every HDRi in the library to speed up this process including interactive 360° panoramas.

Consistent Detail


I have personally relied on Jørgen’s HDRi’s for the past 2 years on a professional level at Cream Studios and inside the Mastering V-Ray and Lighting courses due to the ultra high quality and consistency between the HDRi’s.
Exposure levels and detail are a non issue here. From the darks to the brights, Jørgen is an expert at making sure the whole dynamic range has been captured and color calibrated.

A common problem with HDRi’s is the incorrect use of color-gamut when working with the 32-bit format. Jørgen’s use of correct photographic color profiles and white-balance adjustments ensure a 1-1 color/intensity match between the HDRi’s and real life scenery from which they were shot, bringing all the resulting renders closer to realism.



Each HDRi comes in an organised folder structure including –

  • Low resolution Jpeg preview
  • 360° interactive panorama
  • Medium resolution render showcasing the HDRi at various exposures over Glass, White Plastic and Chrome shader balls



I’m very excited to finally share my passion for HDR photography with the CGI community. It’s been a long process perfecting my HDR capture and stitching process! I've seen my country in a beautiful new light and literally can't wait to hear your feedback and explore some more!

Jorgen Herland



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