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Free 5k Window HDRi w/Backplates – Interior


 5K HDRI (Color Calibrated)

 5k TIFF and JPG Backplates

 Scene file with matched PhysicalCamera

 FBX file with individual standard cameras


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Free HDRi!

This free HDRi is taken with a Theta S 360 camera and is only 5k. Also, the camera doesn’t capture the same, full dynamic range of the scene like with a professional DSLR. Nevetheless, the light and shadows look very real and is color calibrated to match the backplates. Just plug it into your 3D scene as a light source and hit render!



Backplates consists of TIFF files for rendering, and JPG files for viewport preview. Notice that the JPGs includes a little metal disk on the ground to indicate focus point.

In this pack you’ll get the backplates, an FBX file with individual standard cameras, and finally, a 3ds max scene with an animated PhysicalCamera that corresponds to the numbered backplates.

The preview renders below are RAW, meaning there are no lens effects, color adjustments or lut’s applied.


Click on the images below to see full size renders



[pano file=”” width=100%]


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