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Gran Turismo


A 200 hour masterpiece of pure will power, Gran Turismo is the ultimate car model.
Take your personal projects and shading skill to the next level or learn new techniques and workflows to help you build your own mind blowing car models

Included Inside –

-ALL 200 hours of the exterior and interior modeling process
-Perfect UVed, SubD Model of the Bugatti Veyron Gran Turismo
-Interview with Kantemir on the process, his motivation and techniques (Available 31st October)
-Standard 3dsMax materials applied


Exterior Modeling Timelapse


Due to the model depicted here containing protected intellectual property, you are not allowed to use the product for any purpose other than Editorial Use. This means the Stock Media Product license is for news purposes, and for people with explicit rights clearances from the owners of the depicted intellectual property. You may not use it, for example, in an advertisement unless you are an authorized party such as an ad agency with proper legal clearances
The primary purpose of this product is to give 3D artists the freedom to develop ultra high quality, personal folio pieces with an asset comparable to cad data (the industry standard among high end automotive studios)
I’m extremely confident you’ll find working with such a high quality asset a rewarding and fun experience.


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