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Real Displacement Textures Volume 5


Created by Christoph Schindelar, Real Displacement Textures Volume 5 is a series of Ultra High resolution scanned textures that accurately reproduce surface height, colour and reflectivity in jaw dropping detail never seen before.
Volume five contains 34 unique surfaces broken down into:

  • Walls
  • Floor
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Brick

All textures are 100% tileable. 4k and 8k versions available



Real Displacement Textures – Volume 5

Christoph’s Real Displacement Textures have ushered in an overnight revolution in digital texturing allowing a new level of realism to be achieved we simply haven’t seen before. I’ve personally tested all of the maps now and can guarantee you that the results you’re seeing aren’t too good to be true. The maps truly do have minimal tiling, extreme detail and the setup times are tiny compared to previous scattering methods. To make things even easier, he will be providing scene files for 3dsMax, Maya and C4D in the near future with shaders pre-built for you. I’m honestly blown away and can’t wait until his next pack is available!

What are they?


Real Displacement Textures are a series of ultra high resolution surface textures and displacement maps created in Agisoft Photoscan, a software that can generate extremely detailed geometry from multiple reference photos. Christoph has absolutely mastered this technique by utilising high end cameras, ideal lighting and a patience we can only dream of. For every surface he has meticulously cleaned and polished the data leaving us with a brand new method for capturing reality and the results speak for themselves.



By themselves, each surface looks amazing but the possibilities don’t end there. You also have the ability to mix and match different surfaces together creating even more realistic results all without needing to scatter a single object! For me personally though, I’d prefer to enhance their use by combining RDT with forest pack or other scattering software with extra grass and rocks to really go crazy. Check out the galleries below to see for yourself what is possible!


Texture Layers


Displacement Detail



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