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V-Ray for Cinema 4D – Mastering CGI by Grant Warwick

In preparation for the exciting V-Ray for Cinema 4D 1.9 Release I was approached by the Lead Developer and owner, Stefan Laub (Who was an early subscriber to the Mastering V-Ray course) about sharing my shaderball scene for public testing.

I was more than happy to take part and you can download my shaderball scene as well as a few other cool scenes in the link below.

It’s an honor to have developers not only from the V-Ray for Cinema 4D team on my course but from Chaos Group themselves!



4 responses on "V-Ray for Cinema 4D - Mastering CGI by Grant Warwick"

  1. Great to hear that. V-Ray is an amazing render engine and Cinema 4D a great program. The combination of both is capable of excellent results and it’s great to learn about the small differences between V-Ray for Max and Cinema 4D.

  2. Will you make a course for cinema 4d too?

  3. V-Ray for Cinema 4D 1.9 …Oh sweet, I am learning Arnold but as a VRay fan for Arch Viz I would love to see a course from you.

  4. the link to the shaderball scene converted to Cineam 4D is not available anymore, the link is broken

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