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Featured Products

Advanced Material Live Class – Singapore

I’m preparing to start traveling again! please email me [email protected] if you’re interested in hosting Mastering CGI at your next event

Latest News

Terminator Shader Testing

Using the knowledge in the latest webinars I’ve released, I’ve been able to very quickly and efficiently develop complicated shaders for the original Terminator! I love being able to focus more on the lighting and look development now that the shaders do most of the work for me.

Blending VR Scans

My procedural workflow now allows me to overlay my real world weathering shaders on top of the VR Scans giving you complete control over how damaged or old you want the scans to look.
You can check out more on my facebook page HERE

Utilising 3D Collective Textures

I’ve been heavily reliant on Adan Martins grime pack now available on the website. The variety and detail in the textures really show when working on procedural shaders. I highly recommend getting them and experimenting with the scene files in my webinars

Surface Imperfections Scene Files

The scene files for the Surface Imperfections are now available in your course curriculum and Webinar Page areas. I spent a bit of extra time cleaning up and organising them so they are ready to use in production.
Feel free to send through examples using them to my email [email protected]!

Lesson 6 WIP

The next Mastering Lighting Lesson, focused on atmospheric set lighting is coming together! I did over 80 hours of live streams modeling this set recently and I’m extremely proud of how it’s come together. The goal is to provide you guys a scene to treat like a real set and use knowledge taught in the lesson to make your own lighting scenario’s in a competition with prizes.

Lesson 8 WIP

Lesson 8 of Mastering Lighting is an ambitious lost temple project focused on lighting an outdoor nature environment in the night and day in order to give you an understanding of how natural light can force you to adjust your composition and focus. I will be working with RDT Textures, Megascans and Friendly Shade textures to make sure I can teach you guys how to set up these critical assets properly.

Twitch Live Streams

Join the growing Mastering CGI Twitch channel for our regular live streams. You’ll find Grant and special guests break down their workflows and techniques in real time all while having a laugh at how much can go wrong during the broadcast.

Free Mastering Hard Surface Lesson

Have you ever wondered how designers create a consistent style? This free Mastering Hard Surface lesson is for you! In the lesson, I break down the fundamental composition laws that form a clean and efficient design. I learned tons on this project myself so I’m really happy to share the end result of so many hours of study

Artist of the Month – Carlos Sponge

The Bugatti Gran Turismo renders Carlos put out last month are absolutely unbelievable. The entire set is full CGI, something you can’t even notice when you look closely! Make sure to check out Color Sponges folio to see more awesome car work!

Multiple artists from every major studio in the world support Mastering CGI!

Sometimes it feels a bit surreal… Over the last 3 years, I’ve had the ultimate honor to see artists at a huge number of world class studios and companies utilise my lessons. It’s been so motivating and rewarding to feel like I can make a difference in the industry, while pushing the quality of my lessons forward. Thank you!

Email: [email protected]


Instagram: @masteringcgi

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